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intuitively blessed crystals

moon & star carvings

moon & star carvings

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  • provides soothing, grounding, and calming energy
  • useful in cleansing your aura of negative energy and healing the deep subconscious
  • helps soothe anxiety 
  • encourages you to speak your truth 
  • heals the heart and sacral chakras


  • the crystal of unconditional love
  • supports emotional and relationship healing
  • inspires compassion and self-acceptance
  • activates the heart chakra
  • attracts love of all forms: romantic love, self-love, nurturing, and communication 


  • the stone of spiritual healing, calmness, and wisdom 
  • aids in regeneration of the spirit and body  
  • activates the third eye and crown chakras
  • provides protection to help relieve stress and anxiety
  • aids in connection with your spirit guides and spiritual awakenings 
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